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The 25 best 3D movies with hidden depths

15. Up (2009) 

The film: One of Pixar's most visually spectacular offerings, this tale of an elderly man and his attempts to move on from the death of his long-term wife, is a remarkably life-affirming tale from a studio occasionally accused of skirting human subjects. A towering achievement. 

3D enhancement: The sequences in which Carl's balloon-assisted house takes to the skies are breathtakingly rendered, with the third dimension complementing this Technicolor extravaganza. 

Most eye-popping scene: The climactic dogfight is probably the scene that best employs the 3D, although we'll always carry a torch for the heartbreaking early montage documenting Carl's marriage to his wife, Ellie. 

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14. Titanic (1997) 

The film: Oh you know this one. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet turned into superstars overnight, after playing star-crossed lovers aboard the ill-fated liner. One of the biggest-grossing movies of all time that barely leaves a dry eye in the house.  

3D enhancement: The enormity of the disaster looks astonishing. It's like you're really there. Considering that Cameron and his crew did all of the 3D magic several years later - on an $18 million budget, no less - it's quite a feat. Even if you're not a fan of the amped-up melodrama, it's hard not to be wowed by how intense the 3D version gets. 

Most eye-popping scene: Alright, well there's only one option isn't there? It's got to be the iceberg slicing through the hull of the Titanic - and off into the audience.  

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13. My Bloody Valentine (2009) 

The film: '80s horror reboots are real hit n' miss territory. Go too jokey and it looks like you're trying to copy Scream. Go too serious and.. .well, that's just no fun at all is it? My Bloody Valentine goes big on the camp but manages to remain actually quite scary, as a small mining town comes under attack from a masked maniac. That may or may not be Dean from Supernatural. 

3D enhancement: Director Patrick Lussier knows how to balance the CG elements of the movie with the meat of the flick. He shows off his technical prowess (he was a longtime editor of Wes Craven) and knack for pumping out the scares with insaaaaane detail to the gore. Depth of vision is where this is at, as the camera leans into the empty chest cavity of a victim. It looks deeper and more gruesome than ever. 

Most eye-popping scene: In pursuit of a victim, the killer tosses his axe toward the poor soul and it flies out in the audience. 

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12. Pirahna 3D (2010) 

The film: Alexandre Aja's update of the fishy B-movie is deliriously trashy, packed to the ahem, gills, with porn stars, bare breasts and lashings of crimson splatter. Still, that's exactly what it's aiming for, and as a slice of dumb Friday-night fun, it hits the required spot. After all, it's difficult to dislike any film that casts Christopher Lloyd as a slightly barmy scientist. 

3D enhancement: This one employs 3D as a gimmick rather than a sophisticated visual tool, throwing all manner of nasty stuff into the audience's laps. And yes, we are thinking of one scene, in particular. 

Most eye-popping scene: Yep, it's when Jerry O'Connell has his swimsuit area attacked by a shoal of piranha, sending the poor sod's severed member floating into the audience. 

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11. How to Train Your Dragon (2010) 

The film: DreamWorks steps up to Pixar's level with this charming adaptation of Cressida Cowell's tale of a boy and his dragon. Likeable characters populate a lush fantasy land in one of the best animated movies of recent years. And the grand finale is a bit of a doozie as well. 

3D enhancement: The 3D effects render the film's many airborne sequences even more thrilling. We'll never get to fly a real dragon, but this is surely the next best thing. 

Most eye-popping scene: The climactic battle, which sees a clutch of Vikings going toe to toe with a gargantuan mega-dragon. Dragon riders ASSEMBLE! 

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