Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in new Sherlock image

The first official image has arrived online from the new series of Sherlock , featuring returning stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

The new image shows a despondent-looking Watson sitting in a cafe as Holmes looms up out of the darkness outside, and very stylish it is too (anyone else getting an Edward Hopper, Nighthawks vibe?).

Could this be the first time Watson is reunited with Holmes after the events of the season two finale? If so, he's about to get quite a fright!

Of course, the primary question revolving around the new series is just how Holmes managed to fake his own death. It looked pretty impossible to us, but then, this is Sherlock Holmes we're talking about…

"It’s been a long time since Sherlock Holmes jumped off that roof," says co-creator Steven Moffat. "It’s time to reveal the truth about what happened between him and the pavement."

The first episode, written by Mark Gatiss, is entitled The Empty Hearse , and is likely to air on the BBC on New Years Day. We can hardly wait...

George Wales

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