Being Human "Hold The Front Page" Spoiler-Free Preview

We’ve seen the fifth episode of Being Human! As usual, here’s our cryptic, teasing preview (no plot specifics)

1. Adam, the middle-aged vampire in a teen’s body, is back – and so is his dirty filth talk.

2. A different kind of pack presents a danger to the house.

3. Latin has never been so sexy.

4. Someone is offered a “quick tug”.

5. Brad Pitt and Kris Akabussi have something in common.

6. You can get around one of the things used against vampires – if you know how.

7. If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.

8. It's a trap!

9. Someone dreams about a woman in a wig.

10. There’s a shocking sudden death.

11. We meet Duncan – but sadly not Thor, Beowulf and Conan.

12. Someone finally embraces their true nature.

13. Adam finally gets inside Annie’s top.

14. A viral threat is released.

15. You might find yourself whistling this tune afterwards. Or this one

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