Being Human "Eve Of The War" Spoiler-Free Preview

We've seen the first episode of Being Human series four: here's our cryptic, teasing preview (no plot spoilers)

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We've seen the first episode of Being Human series four: here's our cryptic, teasing preview (no significant plot spoilers)

1. At times this feels more like an episode three or four (or even a season finale) than an episode one.

2. Some bits may remind you of Dollhouse .

3. The correct interpretation of a dream is key to this year's story arc.

4. There's a new vampire bad guy blessed with a deliciously dry sense of humour.

5. The strains of a Frank Sinatra classic herald some very bad news. But not today.

6. Rentaghost gets more name-checks than ever before.

7. A massive bombshell is dropped five minutes in.

8. We learn who the first two vampires were.

9. This week, he has been mostly wearing a tea towel on his head...

10. A change which you expect to happen doesn't happen, and a change that you didn't think was possible does.

11. Freeze-frame some strange symbols and it looks like someone had a crack at inventing the smilie centuries ago!

12. George has cause to despairingly scream a line from Star Wars .

13. We discover a new vampiric Achilles Heel.

14. The problems of Kryptonian hairdressing are discussed.

15. What one actor does in bed may give Doctor Who fans a feeling of deja vu.

16. Reference is made to the fact that the Magna Carta doesn't have a nipple.

Ian Berriman

"Eve Of The War" airs on BBC Three (and BBC HD) on Sunday 5 February at 9pm.

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