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Being Human Episode 3.05 "The Longest Day" Spoiler-Free Preview

Okay, we haven’t been previewing the latest – frankly brilliant – series week-by-week, but the next episode is really quite extraordinary

I watched it last night. I felt emotionally drained afterwards.

Without giving too much away, it’s claustrophobic. Most of it – as much as 90% – is set in the new B&B, Honolulu Heights, and you really get to see what a quite extraordinary set the team have created, almost impressionistic in some way, the sets creating a mood and a tone that suits this intense tale perfectly.

Bits of it may irritate you; some of the characters’ decisions, actions and motivations may not be what you want from these characters; you may intensely dislike the way the story’s going. But one thing’s for sure; you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. Superbly directed, eerie, shocking nerve-wracking and full of twists, it’s an understatedly audacious and courageous piece of storytelling. You want character-based drama in your TV fantasy? You got it. The small cast (there are only four guest characters) act their little hearts out.

It’s not all doom and gloom, don’t get me wrong. The wit is still there, sharp as ever. But it probably won’t be the funny the lines you’ll remember after this episode. It may be a perfectly shot image of a man watching a toy train going round in circles (honestly, this will take on a whole new meaning when you see it), a gutwrenching argument or someone simply throwing up (earlier in the series, a barf scene might have been a gag; here it is downright uncomfortable to watch).

If I go on, I’m in danger of overhyping it. There is the possibility that you may just not “get” it and find the whole thing immensely dull (because, to be honest, not an awful lot actually happens). Or it could be the show’s “Love & Monsters” and kickstart years of love/hate debate. But watch it, form an opinion, and be here on Sunday night to tell us what you think…

Dave Golder