Beauty And The Beast 1.15 "Any Means Possible" REVIEW

TV REVIEW Can the addition of new characters perk this show up?

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Beauty And The Beast 1.15 "Any Means Possible" TV REVIEW

Episode 1.15
Writer: Roger Grant
Director: Steve Adelson

THE ONE WHERE The hunt for the vigilante steps up with the introduction of new cops, a new deputy DA and a task force. Catherine is trying to repair things with her partner. Elsewhere, Vincent is scared of sex.

VERDICT There was a trailer for this episode with a voice over promising that this was to be a “game changing episode”. Erm. No. It was an episode in which anyone who saw the previous episode could have predicted exactly what would happen. Also there was a little angst.

The fallout from the death of the police chief’s brother was all predictable right down to who would get on the special team being set up; Catherine – check; police partner – Check; creepy ME guy – check. Yawn.

Admittedly we did get a few fresh cast members to liven things up. The two new cops who’re brought in are said to be dangerous; a statement strengthened by showing them loading their guns right there in the station. Oooh, big, scary men with guns. But we’ve yet to see them actually do anything other than fondle their guns. They didn’t even speak.

That being said, the introduction of a new deputy DA who might be a bad ‘un could become genuinely interesting, so we’ll have to wait and see how this develops.

The opening sequence was well played. Having Catherine and Vincent’s attempt at sex lead to Vincent hulking out and throwing Catherine across the room was a predictable angst-inducing move. Just when you’re thinkng, “Of course... No nooky for this pair. Because hey, it’s never ever going to easy is it?!” it turns out to be a dream – one of the rare occasions when the show successfully wrong-foots you.

Even having the two discuss like adults why Vincent was uncomfortable, and having them resolve the possible sex issue took a lot less time than you might have been expecting. 14 episodes to kiss, and they’re doing the naked bed dance just one episode later. Those crazy, dirty cats! It’s sweet of JT to keep making excuses to leave the pair alone all episode long; this guy really is a good friend to Vincent.

Creepy ME guy is still trying to get in with Muirfield. Seems they aren’t as keen to use him as previously stated. To be honest, Creepy ME Guy joining Muirfield plot could have been interesting but it’s been dragged out for four episodes now with no appreciable pay off. Creepy ME guy taking credit for a murder he didn’t commit in this episode might move things forward but we doubt it. And it also seems that the previously seen Doctor Sorenson from Muirfield isn’t the big bad we thought he was as this week we’re introduced to Kyle who seems to be his superior. Way to undermine the bad guy there.

One thing which really came to the fore in this episode is just how many people have so many little plots going on. Pretty much everyone is either lying or scheming – or lying and scheming – in some way. Whether it’s a secret affair, a secret investigation or a double life, the number of ulterior motive is getting a little hard to keep up with. It’s all getting a bit silly.

Catherine’s convoluted plan to clear Vincent’s name by finding the witness from last week’s alley killing is a little out there, and having it seem to work was a strange move. It’s cruel to have it dashed at the last minute but really, considering Vincent is wanted for far more than this one incident and is also supposed to be dead, you’ve got to wonder exactly what Catherine was thinking here.

This show has a habit of setting up the next episode and then completely failing to come through with its promise and this instalment is no different; it just never lives up to the potential. The next episode is always better in your head than it ever ends up being. Still, with the injection of a few new characters and the rinvestigation into the vigilante ramping up, we hope there’s some actual forward momentum on at least some of the plots. The show seems be all about spinning plates at the moment; lots going on but nothing actually happening.

STALKER BEHAVIOUR OF THE WEEK When we first meet new deputy DA Gabriel Lowan he’s semi naked and mistakenly in the women’s locker room. He overhears Catherine talking about Vincent on the phone and says “Anyone who passes on the chance to get naked with you is out of his mind.” That’s not a creepy introduction to a new character at all.

THE BIG WHITE ROOM Creepy ME guy is interviewed by Muirfield agents in what can only be described as a big white room. Exactly why they have a big white room is never stated but it sure is cool looking. If you like big white rooms...

ALWAYS A PARTY What is it with these guys and always having the plot or the location of a suspect involve going to a party? Here we have Vincent, Catherine, creepy ME guy and DA Lowan all wandering round a costume ball independently looking for the same guy.

MURDER DEATH KILL It’s all about finding the vigilante this week so there is no crime of the week and most of the cast is trying to find the missing witness from last week’s alley murder scene. The witness – Ray Scheckman – is found murdered at the end of the episode but we aren’t sure who killed him, although the deputy DA is the last person we see him with.

FACES YOU MAY KNOW We have two new actors show up this week and you’ll probably recognise them both. First we have Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes as Deputy DA Gabriel Lowan and then there’s Edi Mue Gathegi, who played Darwin in X-Men First Class and Laurent in some of the Twilight films, as new Muirfield bad guy Agent Kyle. Both new characters have the potential to be interesting and both seem to have plans or ulterior motives just waiting to be revealed.

Agent Kyle: “I’m desperate? Look at you... You’re nervous, you’re breathing quick, you’re wiping your sweaty palms on your pants and at one point I’m pretty sure you stuttered. To the trained eye you are a nervous wreck...”

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New episodes of Beauty And The Beast air in the UK on Watch on Wednesdays at 9pm

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