Battlestar Galactica 3.03: Exodus, Part One review

US air date: 13/10/06

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AIR-DATE: 13/10/2006

Written by: Bradley Thompson, David Weddle

Directed by: Felix Enriquez Alcala

Starring: Lucy Lawless, Michael Trucco, Amanda Plummer, Richard Hatch, Rekha Sharma

The One Where: D’Anna learns about Sharon’s baby.

“One hour ago”: the
Chief finds the execution list (left
by Gaeta). His men head to the
execution site and destroy the
robot Cylons. Sharon and the
insurgents survive their ambush
too. They find a stolen map on a
Cylon body; Ellen Tigh is dragged
in front of Saul to explain...

D’Anna Cylon is having dreams
of a tent. She visits it and meets
an Oracle, who tells her Sharon’s
baby is alive. Meanwhile, Adama
tells Apollo to take Pegasus and
the fleet to a rendezvous point.
Only Galactica’s going back.

Sharon recovers the vital
“launch keys” for the human
ships. D’Anna catches her, and
tells her that Adama’s being lying
to her. But Sharon doesn’t believe
it, and shoots her. Galactica
prepares to jump...

A “calm before the
storm” episode that gets
everything in place, this episode
does its job efficiently. The
cliffhanger resolution is a terrible
swizz, mind, one of those “what
you didn’t know is, this was
happening simultaneously” ones
out of a Flash Gordon serial. One
interesting bit of information:
one of the Dean Stockwell-model
Cylons complains that the first
time he died he got a headache,
but the third time was like a hot
poker through the skull. What
must it be like the hundredth
time? Maybe there is a limit to
the number of times they can be
reborn, after all?

Zarek: “It’s been a
while since I had a woman throw
me to the ground – not quite as
much fun as I remember!”

Ian Berriman

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