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Battlefield 2 patch blows up

Electronic Arts is advising gamers not to download the latest patch for Dice's , and for those who have already done so to delete it and reinstall the original game.

The v1.01 patch, which was originally designed to enhance the recently released FPS, has been reported to cause all sorts of new and unseen problems including team-mates who appear as enemies and the loss of any stats and rankings already gained.

In response to the problem EA has dropped the program from its servers and has promised to fix the patch as soon as possible.

In a statement posted on the , an EA representative says, "As the v1.01 update is causing memory leakage on some systems, we recommend that you reinstall the game and not the v1.01 update we released earlier this week.

"Reinstalling Battlefield 2 will not affect your in-game medals or ranked server statistics. EA and Dice are committed to getting a fix for v1.01 as soon as we possibly can and will continue to keep you informed through this web space in the coming days".

With no further comment currently available, we will keep you updated with news of when a fix or replacement patch will be released.