Battalion Wars 2 deployed to Wii

Wednesday 23 August 2006
A sequel to the not-quite-Advance-Wars action title has just been announced for Wii at the Leipzig Game Convention. Featuring a new (but still not exactly subtle) conflict between the stiff upper lips of the Anglo Isles and the Coral Atolls-dwelling Solar Empire, Battalion Wars 2 will also feature three online multiplayer modes - sorely missing from the original.

Assault multiplayer will allow players to simply jump in and start blowing each other up, whereas Skirmish features a longer, more tactical style of play. Co-op rounds out the multiplayer modes, although it's unclear who or what will be on the receiving end of your combined efforts.

Each side will receive new vehicles, including naval units like battleships, submarines and transports. In addition to hands-on Wii remote driving and blasting, you'll be able to order your army about with Map Screen Commanding - made simpler than the usual console RTS wrangling with Wii-mote point-and-click.

Taking a cue from its sister series on GBA, you'll now be able to capture military facilities to re-supply your units - a light strategic touch that should provide more options in gameplay.

Battalion Wars 2 - or 'BWii' as Nintendo is cheekily referring to it - is playable on the show floor at Leipzig, so we'll be making our way to it as soon as possible. Check back later for our full war report.