Batman/Spawn goes "unplugged" in February

art from Batman/Spawn: Unplugged
art from Batman/Spawn: Unplugged (Image credit: DC)

Batman and Spawn met for the first time in nearly 30 years in December 13's Batman/Spawn #1 48-page one-shot special by writer and inker (and Spawn creator) Todd McFarlane and penciler Greg Capullo, and DC isn't letting the rare inter-company crossover special go away without some additional ceremony.

DC has announced the special will return in February and April with a second printing on February 7, an "unplugged" (unlettered, inks-only) version on February 14, and as part of a new collection in April.

Batman/Spawn #1 features the villainous Gotham City secret society the Court of Owls, who enlist the Hellspawn to finally put an end to the Dark Knight.

Batman/Spawn: Unplugged is the brand new announcement here, and the publisher says the version will highlight and put Capullo and McFarlane's artwork "front and center."

Batman/Spawn: Unplugged cover

Batman/Spawn: Unplugged cover (Image credit: DC)

"It's always exciting whenever us artists can present our work in as unfiltered a manner as possible," says McFarlane. "This book will let you see the true skill of how Greg Capullo does his masterful storytelling... and every line that we both put down."

"You guys did it again! You came out in stunning support for the Batman/Spawn crossover," adds Capullo. "The next treat we have in store is a raw release, stand alone, black and white version! No words. No color. Just the raw power of line art. I'm certain that you’ll dig it as much as Todd and I do."

Here's a gallery of artwork as it'll be seen in the special. 

February 7's Batman/Spawn #1 second printing will feature two covers by Capullo and McFarlane with a new logo color scheme, seen right here:

April 4's Batman/Spawn: The Deluxe Edition will collect Batman/Spawn #1 along with 1994's Spawn/Batman (originally published by Image Comics) from brand-name Batman writer Frank Miller and McFarlane, and DC's Batman/Spawn: War Devil #1 by Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, and Klaus Janson from the same year.

Those two 1994 stories were recently collected in DC's Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection in November.

In addition to all three stories, Batman/Spawn: The Deluxe Edition will also include Capullo's pencils for Batman/Spawn #1, Jansen's inks from Batman/Spawn: War Devil, a collection of retailer cover variants, and more content.

As to the future, those who read Batman/Spawn #1 know the story ended with an open door for a sequel, but neither DC nor McFarlane has announced any plans. 

Spawn is one of the best non-Marvel or DC comic book superheroes. 

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