Welcome to New York City, Batman - a preview of I Am Batman #6

I Am Batman #6 excerpt
I Am Batman #6 excerpt (Image credit: DC)

Gotham City has been Batman's home for 80 years, but that will be changing soon as both the original Batman (Bruce Wayne) and DC's new Batman (Jace Fox) have decided to quit DC's fictional dark metropolis.

For his part, DC's new Batman just explained to his father (and us) why he's leaving Gotham City in January 12's I Am Batman #5, and now we have a first look at his first day in New York City from DCComics.com.

Here's an unlettered preview of February 8's I Am Batman #6 by John Ridley, Ken Lashley, and Rex Lokus:

I Am Batman #6 cover (Image credit: DC)

And yes, that's a new costume for Jace Fox's Batman - he removed the faceplate in I Am Batman #5 after encouragement from his father, Lucius Fox, to represent who he is better and not hide the fact he's a Black man.

Now, Jace (and the entire Fox family) are relocating to New York City - and it is permanent, according to DC.

"I'm incredibly excited about charting this new direction for Jace and the Fox family," says I Am Batman writer John Ridley. "This new setting is a great opportunity to do some really creative world-building and give Jace his own allies, adversaries, and challenges that will continue to shape and define him as his own character under the cape and cowl."

And from the looks of the I Am Batman #6 preview page above, Lucius Fox appears to be relocating Wayne Enterprises from Gotham City to New York City as well.

Olivier Coipel has drawn the primary cover to I Am Batman #6, with variant covers coming from Francesco Mattina, Khary Randolph (with Emilio Lopez), and Alexis Franklin (one of DC's Black History Month 2022 covers). You can check them out here:

I Am Batman #5 is on sale now, with I Am Batman #6 going on sale February 8.

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