Batman: Arkham City gets new screens, race challenges details

New details of Batman: Arkham City's challenge modes have been previewed at GamesCom. Arkham Asylum's returning Combat and Predator modes are complemented by Race challenges, in which the sequel's wider area (Rocksteady boasts AC is five times the size of Asylum) is utilized for a variety of timed dashes between Arkham landmarks.Also new are some screenshots of the sequel, most of which focus on the newly-unveiled Mr. Freeze and company...

Above: Freeze got his own trailer recently, but here's a static shot so you can insert your own ice-pun captions. Grateful? Snow problem

Above: Batman continues a half-century-long tradition of making “curling up and hiding” into a badass, manly way to win fights

Arkham City fans haven't long to wait now for the title, which releases in October (apart from the announced Wii U version, obviously). What else would you like to see before that time?

Aug 18, 2011