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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Cheats

While Nuts & Bolts' vehicle based gameplay is a bit different from the Banjos of old, this is as good as the old ones with enough things to collect to choke 1,000 Piñatas.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts FAQs

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by aaaaaron


    First you need to have the Banjo Kazooie arcade game. Then, in Banjo Kazooie find the six colored eggs and the ice key. Now find the seven secret spots in Banjo Kazooie NAB and there will be a mumbo crate on each one once you obtain that secret item in Banjo Kazooie.

    Beacon - Find the green egg in Banjo Kazooie then it will be in the cave under LOG's game factory.
    Disco Ball - Find the red egg in Banjo Kazooie then it is beneath the Terrarium of Terror. Walk down the tunnel next to the wrench-it switch.
    Flag - Find the ice key in Banjo Kazooie then it will be on top of boggy's gym.
    Fluffy dice - Find the pink egg in Banjo Kazooie then it is in the boathouse under Banjoland doors.
    Goldfish - Find the blue egg in Banjo Kazooie then on castle turret that overlooks the docks.
    Googly Eyes - Find the yellow egg in Banjo Kazooie then on the beach below the lighthouse.{You need the horn to obtain this item}
    Mole on a pole - Find the cyan egg in Banjo Kazooie then it is on rooftop south of the jiggy bank acces via drain pipe near the canal.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by xermaster123

    Crate Locations

    All-Access Crates
    1 - Gift from LOG at beginning of Game
    2 - Right Behind Mumbo's Motors
    3 - Under the glass awning left of Nutty Acres Act 1 Door
    4 -Under the glass awning to the right of Nutty Acres Act 1 Door
    5 - Directly Left of Humba Wumba
    6 - On the roof of Mumbo's Motors
    7 - On top of statue in front of LogBox720 Plinth
    8 - On wooden Bridge north of LogBox 720 Plinth
    9 - On Top of LOG's video Game Factory

    10 - On top of Broken Wall near Northern Safe house Tower
    11 - By Main Gate on East Side of Showdown Town
    12 - Across Broken Bridge above Log Box 720 Doors
    13 - Hidden between rooftops in canal zone above theater section
    14 - Roof of Pikelette’s Police Station
    15 - Empty Containers on Dock
    16 - Empty Containers on Dock
    17 - Behind Klungo's Arcade
    18 - Roof of King Jingalings Bingo Palace
    19 - Open safe house tower west of LOG's Factory

    20 - Inside Cave under Light house
    21 - On a sandbar against northern wall of City
    22 - On the slope to the right of the Banjoland Jiggy Vend
    23 - On top of Pavillion
    24 - On the island right of the boathouse
    25 - At the base of the giant crane that activates the Jiggoseum
    26 - At the top of the Giant Crane that activates the Jiggoseum
    27 - Top of slippery Slope next to Canal
    28 - Top of Jiggy Bank

    29 - On a high Rooftop directly south of Police Station
    30 - Northern End of Roof above Humba's store
    31 - Safe house Tower closest to lake
    32 - Safe house tower Below LOG's Factory
    33 - Spring up to wooden platform to right of LOGBOX 720Plinth
    34 - On top of lighthouse
    35 - Lowest rooftop of the Jiggosseum building
    36 - Middle Building of Jiggosseum Building
    37 - Next to red Jinjo house over looking the docks
    38 - Inside laser gate blocking main road to uptown

    39 - Left of bottles behind Grille
    40 - Inside alcove on outer wall
    41 - Drive threw water to come up inside castle
    42 - On top of castle turret
    43 - Drive threw tunnel west of uptown

    44 - Gate Behind Mumbo’s Motors
    45 - Gate Above Banjoland Boathouse
    46 - Gate inside Castle
    47 - Gate in water below Terrarium of Terror Plinth

    48 - On top of building North of Mumbo’s Motors
    49 - Left of LOG BOX 720 Plinth
    50 - Lower roof of house overlooking water
    51 - Right next to Terrarium of Terror Plinth

    1 - On top of Boggy's Gym
    2 - On rooftop south of Jiggy bank
    3 - In boat house below Banjoland
    4 - On castle Turret
    5 - Under LOG's Factory
    6 - Beneath Terrarium of Terror Doors
    7 - on beach below lighthouse
    (Must use horn to remove ghost from crate)

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by big fergs

    Get Through Laser Walls

    showdown town

    A lot of people have been wondering, how do we got through the laser walls? well i just discovered. after the 2nd Grunty challenge on the jiggaseum, you will unlock a laser gun for your "townmobile" as i call it. after you have this go up to the wall and simply shoot the laser at the wall and it will disintegrate revealing your reward.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by masterman154, John 117s Son (Xbox Live)

    Trapdoor Tower Combinations

    Showdown Town

    Get on top of the towers and activate the wrench-it switches then put in the

    Trapdoor tower 1 combo is: 7749

    Trapdoor tower 2 combo is: 4459

    Trapdoor tower 3 combo is: 4491

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Cheats

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Gertrude

    Unlock Banjo Vehicle

    Unlock Banjo Vehicle - Beat the game, and the Banjo Head Vehicle will appear in L.O.G's choices

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Jeremy gamertag: g3rmyz

    Where To Find Trapdoor Codes

    Trapdoor Tower

    OK, I can't tell you the codes they are different for each person. But I can tell you who to get it from. #1 is from Bottles #2 is from Mr. Fit and #3 is from Captain Blubber, next to the UFO. Oh, and Mr. Fit is always running it's not hard to find him.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Jambo

    Secret Agent Banjo

    Once you collect 75 Jiggies and beat the game, when you reload your save, Banjo will have a tux on and Kazooie will be wearing a bow-tie.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Nuts and Bolts


    A Lot of Trophy Pts (40) - Earn 60 T.T. Trophies from any challenges
    All My Own Work (20) - Win a ranked solo game with a custom vehicle
    Arcade Pwner (20) - Finish all levels of Klungo's Arcade game
    Are You Trophy Thomas? (40) - Win 20 Xbox LIVE ranked multiplayer games in any mode
    BBQ Beef (20) - In Nutty Acres, they like their steak well done
    Be Crateful (15) - Find and return two crates to Mumbo's Motors
    Big Banker (30) - Bank 30 Jiggies in Showdown Town
    Bingo! (20) - Complete a line on the Bingo card at King Jingaling's Palace
    Bit of Blue (10) - Share a blueprint with another player or Friend over Xbox LIVE, or save 20 blueprints
    Blueprint Buyout (15) - Buy a blueprint from Humba in Showdown Town
    Burn the Witch! (20) - Showdown Town witch hunt
    Caught on Camera (10) - Send a video replay to a Friend over Xbox LIVE, or save five replays
    Few Trophy Pts (20) - Earn 10 T.T. Trophies from any challenges
    Floater in the Pipe (20) - Eeurgh! That's not going to help the Test-O-Track plumbing
    Fuzz Off! (20) - POP goes the Weasel!
    Great Balls of Fire (20) - Take a heavy ball around the Jiggosseum and get a burning sensation
    Head for Heights (20) - Find the best view in Showdown Town
    High Fives All Round (10) - Be on the winning team in a ranked team game
    History Lesson (15) - Place the Banjoland Game Globe on its plinth in Showdown Town
    Jiggillionaire! (50) - Bank 131 Jiggies in Showdown Town
    Let the Games Begin (15) - Place the Jiggosseum Game Globe on its plinth in Showdown Town
    Little Banker (20) - Bank 10 Jiggies in Showdown Town
    Loose Change (20) - Collect ALL the Showdown Town Loose Change
    Massive Damage (20) - Aim at the 10 legs for massive damage
    Minimalist (25) - Build a vehicle with five blocks or less and go over a set speed
    More Trophy Pts (30) - Earn 30 T.T. Trophies from any challenges
    My First Bank (10) - Bank your first Jiggy in Showdown Town
    My First Trophy (10) - Earn a T.T. Trophy from any challenge
    Next-Next-Gen (10) - Place the LOGBOX 720 Game Globe on its plinth in Showdown Town
    Open Nuts (10) - Place the Nutty Acres Game Globe on its plinth in Showdown Town
    Paint Your Wagon (10) - Paint any part of your vehicle in Mumbo's Motors
    Paparazzi (10) - Take a photo and upload it to Xbox LIVE, or take five photos
    Pimped Up (20) - Complete the Showdown Town Trolley with Parts won from Grunty battles
    Pointless Collector (10) - Take part in the L.O.G. badge collecting challenge at the start of the game in Spiral Mountain
    Premier League! (40) - Play in and complete a marathon multiplayer game League (Every Race, Every Sport or Every Race and Sport)
    Roid Rage (15) - Train Banjo once in the Showdown Town gym
    Shower of Gold (40) - Bank 60 Jiggies in Showdown Town
    Speedy of the Colossus (25) - Build a vehicle with 200 blocks or more and go over a set speed
    Start to Free the Showdown Six (15) - Free and re-house a Jinjo in Showdown Town
    Stop 'n' Swop (0) - Return a Stop 'n' Swop crate to Mumbo's Motors
    Sunday League (20) - Play in and complete a multiplayer game League
    Super Banjo Universe (20) - Place the Terrarium of Terror Game Globe on its plinth in Showdown Town
    Test Your Strength (20) - Roll up, show the whole of Banjoland how strong you are
    Too Easy Too! (20) - Win a ranked solo race by running or swimming over the finish line
    Too Easy! (10) - Win a ranked solo race by reversing over the finish line
    Ultimate Combo (20) - More like a three-hit combo in the Terrarium of Terror
    Vigilante (15) - Lock up a Minjo in Showdown Town
    What's That Smell? (10) - Play an Xbox LIVE multiplayer game against a Banjo team member, or somebody who has already done so
    Whoa Nelly! (25) - Travel in a vehicle over a set speed
    Witch Hunt (50) - Defeat Grunty at the end of the game

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by ognulk

    Secret Gamer Pic

    Complete all five levels of Klungo Saves the World to unlock Klungo's secret gamer pic.

    Unlock the Golden Jiggy gamer pic by collecting all 131 Jiggies.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Glitches

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Powlee, Sharkman15 (X box live)

    Floating Trolley

    Put a crate on top of your trolley. Then jump on the crate and wait for your trolley to become highlighted. Press the right trigger, you will pick up your trolly and float in the direction you are facing. The trolley will fall back to the ground if you fall of the crate. You can get early access to part crates by using this glitch.