Baldur's Gate 3 player "invented an exploit" to somehow beat Honour Mode by only casting the RPG's worst spell 2,469 times

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Baldur's Gate 3 might have been released months ago now, but players are still finding new ways to stretch its roleplaying campaign in odd directions. This time, one player beat the hardest difficulty, while using only the very worst spell in the game. 

YouTuber Fracture is back with another self-imposed, impossibly difficult, and overall entertaining challenge. "I Beat Honour Mode by Casting True Strike 2,468 times," reads the recent video's title. Of course, Honour Mode is the game's very hardest difficulty setting, and to make things even tougher, the only offensive spell that Fracture uses in this run is True Strike, which is infamously one of the worst spells in D&D and Baldur's Gate 3 itself.

"In this run, I didn’t use explosives. There were no necrotic corpse shenanigans. I didn't attack my enemies or use weapon special abilities that deal damage," the content creator explains. The run also stops at the end of Act 3, so triggering one of the early endings by, let's say, blowing up Gale is off the table. 

In case you never encountered True Strike in your own playthroughs, the spell grants the user an Advantage on their next turn. So you're essentially sacrificing your current move to gain the edge on your next round, which just isn't worth the sacrifice for most players. 

As you might have noticed, True Strike doesn't deal any damage, meaning the player basically has no form of self-defense to begin with. Fracture sneaks and speaks his way through the first four levels before he gets his hands on an item that adds Reverberation to the ability. Once Reverberation has been stacked five times, it deals between 2-5 thunder damage, and you can probably imagine how this tactic becomes really grindy, really fast. 

Fracture has a knack for pulling the game into weird directions and executing cheesy strategies that (probably) no one else has thought of. The Raphael boss fight ended with a party member literally running in circles until victory was achieved. 

But Fracture's other jaw-dropping challenges are worth a watch, too. The YouTuber previously beat the game without ever leveling up once - you read that right - and he also finished another run without resting even once.

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