Baldur's Gate 3 dev confirms the Xbox retail version will have 4 discs because the epic RPG was 500MB too big to fit on 3, but it "didn't make sense" to cut any content

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Baldur's Gate 3 is a big RPG, so big in fact that the physical version has to be spread across four discs on Xbox. 

Back in November, Larian announced a Deluxe Edition of its phenomenally popular RPG Baldur's Gate 3, which since launch has been available through digital storefronts only. The promotional images for this version show that the Xbox version comes on three discs, but it turns out that has had to be upped to four as the game was a bit too big to squeeze onto three.

Addressing speculation that the disc count had been increased, Larian's director of publishing, Michael Douse, has tweeted, "The Xbox retail version of Baldur's Gate 3 will indeed have 4 discs, since we're 500mb over the limit for 3."

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According to Douse, another solution would have been to remove content, but Larian wasn't keen on sacrificing any of its brilliant D&D adventure just to make it fit on fewer discs. "[The] only option would have been to cut some content out, but that didn't make sense," he explains.

The Deluxe Edition will be released in waves, with the first wave expected to ship shortly. In another tweet, Douse says that the shipping dates may be slightly affected by the change. "It's probable the wave 1 March 25 date will slip to first week of April because of this," he says. "We'll start shipping each SKU in order of readiness," he adds, confirming that the PC version - which doesn't have a disc - will be first.

As well as the game itself, the Deluxe Edition contains a selection of other physical goodies, including a cloth world map, poster, fabric patches, stickers, and, in case you need more discs, a soundtrack CD collection all crammed into a gorgeous display box. All the digital bonuses from Baldur's Gate 3's Digital Deluxe Edition are also included.

Wave 1 orders are currently sold out, but you can still secure your copy for wave 2, which is set to ship between April and June, on Larian's website.

Larian finally breaks its silence, and confirms "way over" 10 million people have played Baldur's Gate 3.

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