BAFTA-nominated RPG Citizen Sleeper is out now on PS4 and PS5

Citizen Sleeper
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BAFTA-nominated RPG Citizen Sleeper is out now on PS4 and PS5, with its third and final DLC – Episode: Purge – available for free across all platforms.

The tabletop-inspired RPG comes bundled with all three DLC packs for fans checking the game out for the first time on PlayStation and offers 20 per cent off the retail price for the first week after its Sony debut. A limited-time 30 per cent discount is also available on PC/Mac, Switch, and Xbox systems, too.

As well as coming to PlayStation for the first time, Citizen Sleeper is available to play for no extra cost on Xbox and PC for players with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Episode: Purge – the game's third and final DLC instalment – "completes Citizen Sleeper’s three-episode post-launch DLC expansion, introduces additional characters, lore and new locations - and brings back some familiar faces!"

"It’s not a terribly lengthy game, with the main run of it with the vast majority of various spokes of narrative explored in around 10 hours or so, but it’s the one where I’ve spent the longest deliberating about what to do. When you’ve reached the conclusion of certain sets of drives or quests, the game indicates that some next decision will be your last," Rollin said when he previewed Citizen Sleeper at the end of last year.

"And so I sat, and I deferred, and I explored other nooks and crannies until there were no more nooks and crannies to shine a spotlight on. And I chose - I’m not sure whether it was right or if there is even really such a concept in Citizen Sleeper. Months and months after finishing, I’m left with that thought still. 

"Is there possibly any better praise for a video game? That it consumes some part of you, lighting a fire within that ebbs but never truly goes out?"

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