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Bad Company 2 DLC is good news for team players and the lazy

FPSes are still struggling to find a midpoint between the total isolation of their campaign modes and the hardcore cluster F of regular multiplayer. Only a few games like MAG make it a point to include training and tutorials for online multiplayer modes, making “Co-op versus the computer” modes like MW2’s Spec Ops and the upcoming BC2 Onslaught DLC welcome additions. Onslaught mode will allow up to four players to get in the mix and run through repurposed maps like Valparaiso, Isla Inocentes, Nelson Bay and more.

Above: The man in the foreground is going to need a bandage

The mode will also feature a lot of vehicle action, giving new players a less hostile environment to figure out how to fly a helicopter or pilot a boat. There are few things as annoying as watching newbies dash to your team’s helicopter and immediately park it into a mountainside. The DLC, due June 23rd, offers 2 new Achievements/Trophies and will set players back 800MS points/$9.99 and is not covered under the game’s VIP program

But that’s not all, in a move sure to ruffle the feathers of anti-DLC types, BC2 will also launch its Kit Shortcuts. These “shortcuts” will cost $6.99 per class and will unlock all of that class’ weapons and gear. Traditionally, you’d have to put time into every one of multiplayer’s classes, gaining individual experience and gradually unlocking the weapons and gear for each class.

Above: The goggles, doing nothing

The Kit Shortcut DLC isn’t the first to give players the option to pay to avoid grinding, the aptly named “Time is Money” Skate 2 DLC has that dubious honor. The difference here is that certain BC2 weapons are undeniably better, or easier to use than others, and new players face a marked disadvantage having to use inferior gear in addition to being new to the game.

While gamers may give EA flack for charging its customers to essentially play the game for them, the ire should probably be saved for the lazy gamers willing to buy it. Even if you do shell out the $19.99 to unlock all of the kits, you’ll be depriving yourself of, you know, the actual experience, ability and knowledge you’d get from earning them.

Jun 10, 2010

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