Backwards compatibility finished for 360

Jan 10, 2008

If your favourite original Xbox game still doesn't work on 360, it seems the chances are it's never going to, as Microsoft admits it's "winding down" work on backwards compatibility patches.

Group marketing manager for the Xbox 360, Albert Penello, questioned the value of further BC updates for the console, which can apparently now play 465 games from its predecessor's catalogue.

"I don't know if we have plans to do any more releases," admitted Penello, adding: "It feels like we kind of hit the point of diminishing returns there.

"I know with the Xbox Originals, there are still things happening there, but in terms of a lot of engineering work around bringing out new titles, I think they're winding that down," he went on to tell Kotaku.

Penello says all the top titles are covered. "For the most part, we've crossed off games that people want to play ... there's always going to be a notable exception here or there," he said, but also pointed toward a growing lack of interest, saying that BC patches are "not being downloaded that much anymore."

Courtesy of CVG