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Awesome BioShock 2 pen writes words, reminds us DLC has shipped

Not tosound too much likeForrest Gumpwith his boxof chocolates, but we really are never quite sure what we're going to get when openingthe mail here at GamesRadar. It could be a game, obviously.It could be a tinbarrel ofchocolate-drizzled popcorn.And it could be a metal pen in the shape of a steampunk syringe with the words "Sinclair Solutions" stamped onto itsbarrel.

The pen is meantto remind us that the new BioShock 2 DLC, the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, is now available. It's packed withnew multiplayer characters, masks, weapons upgrades, and trials. Sound good? Then get to buyin'.

Has this lavish new writing untensil enabled us to insta-chill beers and coworkers using only our brains? Unfortunately, no. Nor can we liven up the office with flaming tornados or swarms of angry bees. But it does write just fine, and that seems about right.

We've not seen the pen available at any retail or online stores, so we're afraid those of you lusting after it might have a tough time tracking one down. But there's always eBay - if human organs and haunted potato chips can show up there, we're pretty sure this will eventually too. Not ours, though. It's staying right here.

Mar 24, 2010

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