Award winning movies with TalkTalk

You stayed up all night watching the Oscars live on Sky Movies and now you can't shake the golden baldie buzz – how do you scratch that awards season itch? TalkTalk TV is the ideal place to wallow in winners from stone cold classics to the latest awards magnets. Plus – think you know your movies? Put your skills to the test with TalkTalk's fiendish and addictive quiz Movie Lover Mayhem!

Four reasons why TalkTalk is the perfect partner for awards addicts...

1. TalkTalk TV is made for Movie Lovers

With rentals from at little as £1, award-winning titles from £1.50 on TalkTalk Box Office, new releases a steal at £3.50 plus a selection to boggle the mind and dazzle the eyes of even the most obsessive film fan, TalkTalk is the ideal place to get your cinema fix. TalkTalk Box Office boasts blockbusters and brain-scratchers, comic-book heroes and silver screen legends, as well as more Oscar winners than you can shake a gold statuette at. You can hang on to all your rentals for 48 hours so you can pause, rewind and re-watch at leisure from the comfort of your couch, or you could even subscribe to the Sky Movies Boost for £15 access to hundreds of films on demand for 30 days. It the perfect companion for film fans everywhere!

2. Watch the top awards-baggers from last years Oscars

TalkTalk TV has nine of the 12 biggest hitters from the 2013 awards season.

− Be charmed by Jennifer Lawrence's swearing in the gorgeous, unconventional romcom Silver Linings Playbook !

− Thrill at the luxuriousness of Ben Affleck's beard in amazing true story Argo !

− Compare it to Daniel Day Lewis's beard in Steven Spielberg's intense biopic Lincoln !

− Nod approvingly at the absence of a beard on first female Best Director Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow with Osama Bin Laden thriller Zero Dark Thirty !

− Go to sea with a tiger in Life Of Pi !

− See Tarantino reinvent the western with Django Unchained !

− Share a martini with Bond, James Bond, in Skyfall !

3. Catch up on over 100 of the best award winning movies

TalkTalk Box Office, Sky Movies which includes the previously named Oscars channel (now Sky Movies Greats) and PictureBox are packed with more than 100 of the very best awards hoarders.

See Russell Crowe have his vengeance (in this life or the next...) with Ridley Scott's rousing actioner Gladiator – it won five Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor for Crowe, and nabbed seven more noms.

Fun fact: Mel Gibson was offered the lead but he turned it down because he thought he was too old.

Have furry fun with the totally snuggly, not very scary Sully and Mike in Pete Docter’s gorgeous animation Monsters Inc. Pipped to the Best Animated Feature post by Shrek (robbed!) Randy Newman still bagged best song for fabulously fuzzy ‘If I Didn’t Have you’.

Fun Fact: Ever wondered how many hairs there are on Sully’s body? In total: 2,320,413.

Get down with the GoodFellas – Scorcese's piercing, pin sharp study of the mob which scooped a best supporting Oscar for Joe Pesci (ìFunny how?î brrr...!) as well as five more nods including Best Picture and Best Director for Martin Scorsese (losing out on both to Dances With Wolves ).

Fun fact: Martin Scorsese's mum and dad both cameo in the movie. His dad is the prisoner who puts too much onion in the tomato sauce.

There's hours of Oscars goodness at your fingertips.

4. Test your movie knowledge and have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy!

To celebrate the massive selection of award-winning movies on TalkTalk TV, TalkTalk has created Movie Lover Mayhem, a fun Facebook game that puts your movie knowledge to the test and gives players the chance to win one of five Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Follow TalkTalk on Facebook (opens in new tab) to play then share it with your friends and beat their scores!

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