Xbox Live to launch in Middle East soon?

Word has reached us that a big Xbox 360 announcement will be made in the Middle East next week, which could maybe mean the region's introduction to Xbox Live.

We've been reliably informed that invitations have been sent out for the Dubai-based event, which promises "big news" for Xbox 360 in the region.

Microsoft's console has already launched in the Middle East, though without its highly regarded online service. That's a bit like having bread without butter: you can still eat it, but then you mightsay, "hey, where's the butter?" (replace butter with Geometry Wars).

Since events and announcements are rarely ever made in the region, says our source, this could very likely mean the launch of Xbox Live in the Middle East. That means we'll have even more strangers swearing at us from foreign parts. Welcome aboard!

Microsoft UK was unavailable for comment when we picked up the phone, but we'll let you know if and when it gets back to us.

Courtesy of CVG

Mar 6, 2008