World of Nintendo

Got a fast internet connection? Then bag yourself the Rom Check Fail game and Tetroid 2012 (below) before somebody demands they’re taken offline permanently. If they haven’t been already. Just a little tip for you there. And now, here are some amusing/cute pictures of cats...

1) Sega dreamcats
This is the Calico Cat Cafe in Tokyo, where catless Japanese folk can spend quality time with fluffy bundles of feline joy. And it’s on this page because it’s where Sega chose to install demo stations for Yume Neko, a catty version of Nintendogs that’s set for inevitable world domination. Cute overload has been achieved!

2) ROM check fail
Inspired by the Wario Ware series, this wholly unlicensed indie gaming mashup features Zelda, Mario, Tetris, Pac-Man and a host of others. You play elements from several games all at once. Confusing and headachy or the next big thing? We suspect a little bit of each. Try it on your PC and decide for yourself.

3) Customize your DS
You can apply stickers easily enough, or even take a couple of different coloured machines apart and swap their bits to create your own Frankenstein DS, but there’s only one way to get a custom finish like this. It’s from a company called ColorWare. They also do other consoles, phones, TVs, computers…

4) Pikachu hats
Pokemon has now been around long enough to qualify for some sort of ironic retro cool, and these Pikachu hats, which go on sale this summer, are probably the funkiest pieces of Pokemerchandise we’ve ever seen. It’s Pikachu on your head. How can something that sounds so wrong look so right? Definitely do want.