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Win a copy of the TERA Physical Collector's Edition with our Daily Giveaway!

Sometimes, getting the game alone isn't enough - you need a box packed to the brim with swag, and an in-game inventory full of primo items. And wouldn't you know it - the TERA Physical Collector's Edition got those things in spades. We've got five copies of the TERA Physical CE, and we'd like you to have 'em.

Entering the giveaway is a cinch - just click this link or hop on over to the GamesRadar Facebook page and click the "Like" button; if you're a savvy reader who's already a fan of GR on Facebook, then you're already entered! That's all there is to it; we'll be giving away a Collector's Edition every day for the next five days, so cross your fingers and hope to get a free first-class ticket to TERA's Valkyon Federation. Also, this contest is US only - apologies to our out-of-the-states readers; we blame the man for your legislature!

Wondering just what you'll be winning? Inside every TERA Physical Collector's Edition is a Letter of Marque, a full-size, working Federation Issued Compass, a map of TERA, the trusty Valkyon Federation Handbook, and the game's soundtrack. The code you use to register the copy will automatically grant your characters with a spiffy Regal Frostlion Mount and two necklaces bestowing increased damage and attack speed. Sounds like a nice chunk of loot to us!