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Dialogue Options | Which side missions are as good (if not better than) the main campaign?

When a stranger called Sam approaches you in one of the many taverns in Skyrim and challenges you to a drinking competition, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t expect what follows to be one of Skyrim’s most iconic side quests. A hangover-esque retracing of drunken steps that seem so far from the dragon born main questline ensues, where a goat is sold to a giant, a temple of worship is trashed and a hagraven romance is ignited. Yet oftentimes these side quests, that seem such a change of pace or tone from the main campaign, are spoken about with more fondness than the story the entire game revolves around.

This week, video producer Ellen Causey, hardware editor Rob Dwiar and staff writer Heather Wald sit down to discuss the side quests that hold a special place in their heart. They talk about side quests that are a welcome break from the main missions, sometimes because of their humour, sometimes because they allow you to go on a poisonous apple murdering spree. 

They reminisce about the Dark Brotherhood questline in Oblivion and the Thieves Guild in Skyrim and, in a move that is becoming increasingly on-brand for the group, Heather fawns over Mass Effect and Ellen finds a way to work The Witcher 3 into the conversation (and no, it’s not to discuss the Bloody Baron questline!) 

Join in the conversation in the comments of the video over on our Youtube channel, and as always let us know what side missions you think are as good, if not better than, the main campaign.