What's up with Naughty Bear's ass in this campfire trailer?

Naughty Bear, the eponymous star of what increasingly looks to be a plush-animal take on Manhunt 2's stealth-ultraviolence formula, is covered in a patchwork of scar-like stitches. These help him look like a rugged badass (relative to the other teddy bears, at least), but it wasn't until today's new trailer that we noticeda particularly questionable one.It looks like somewhere along the line, someone or something took a bite out of Naughty Bear's ass.

Above: No wonder he's pissed

Was it one of the other bears? Did someone's dog play too rough? Or did he just fall into the stylized bear trap that pops up at the trailer's end? We'll probably never know for sure. But at least that isn't the only thing the video highlights, as Naughty spends the rest of it hiding in the foliage, using mobile cover to sneak up on a hapless victim andshoving him (her? it?)into the campfire.

Honestly, this is nowhere near as nasty as Naughty Bear'slastfewexploits, but it still looks like it'll be kind of fun to try. We'll find out whether or not that holds true as we edge closer to the game's June release.

April 21, 2010