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Uncharted actor Nolan North talks Tom Holland's movie: "I like the fact they’re going to do a different spin on it"

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Uncharted is finally making the leap to the big screen with Tom Holland stepping into the well-worn, muddy shoes of PlayStation icon Nathan Drake. But what does the man who brought him to life on consoles make of the Uncharted movie? Despite a younger Drake, voice actor Nathan Drake is all for it – despite not being asked to cameo in the upcoming 2021 release.

“No, they haven't contacted me at all. Part of me is fine with it, and part of me is like, 'It'd be nice if you asked!' It's not a big deal,” North told

Yet, the more origin-style story seemingly happening in the Uncharted movie – complete with Holland’s Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Sully being a couple of decades younger than their game counterparts – isn’t a bad thing in the eyes of Nolan North.

“I'm actually looking forward to it, and I think people should look forward to it. Give them a chance. We've never seen Nathan Drake in his 20s and a Sully in his 40s. It could be interesting. I like the fact they're going to do a different spin on it and I'm looking forward to seeing how they do. I like Tom Holland, I like Mark Wahlberg, I enjoy their films, so let them put their spin on it,” he said. 

In fact, North sounds like he’s against doing a straight one-to-one adaptation of the games: “The bigger mistake would be trying to get someone who looks like Nathan Drake and literally just take one of the games and follow it as a movie. The games are already movies on their own, so don't do that. Do what you're doing. Show me Nathan Drake in his 20s, show me some artistic license, and make it your own.”

We recently got our first Uncharted movie set photos which show Holland and Wahlberg suited and booted in what might even be a reference to Uncharted 4. For now, though, North is urging an open mind for those not happy with the aged-down characters.

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