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Tynion introduces the 'worst clowns' in Joker's gang - and Ghost-Maker

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Batman writer James Tynion IV has divulged some previously unknown info about what's coming up as 'The Joker War' gets underway – including introducing a host of new clowns and Gotham vigilantes that haven't been named before.

First up, Tynion opened up about Clownhunter, describing him as "Kaneda’s Gang from Akira meets Casey Jones meets Deadpool..."

"I'm writing a story for James Stokoe about Clownhunter, a mainline continuity story that digs deeper into who this strange new Gotham Vigilante is," Tynion writes in his latest newsletter, referring to a story to appear in September's Batman: The Joker War Zone anthology.

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But there's more – Tynion also namedropped a number of new characters to debut in 'The Joker War,' including a group of four of the "worst" new henchman for the Clown Prince of Crime.

"It also introduces four of the most dangerous clowns working under Joker, and they’re named Eenie, Meanie, Miney, and Moe," Tynion explains, going on to offer some more details about Punchline and Clownhunter, and how they'll play into future stories.

"In interviews, I keep talking about Punchline and Clownhunter as the first two children of a new generation of Gotham City stories. Joker War sets the stage for this new era in a big, big way," Tynion says. "We're trying to give you an experience every time you pick up the mainline Batman comic book that you can’t get in any other medium.

"I wrote up a description of a poster for Gotham 2021 that I desperately hope we make, that aside from Batman, Harley, and a classic Bat-Villain, will feature all brand new characters, embodying the Gotham we’re hoping to build for you… But we’re not waiting until 2021 to start having fun with the new toys."

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And with that, Tynion concluded his talk about his Batman plans by introducing a new character who will debut in DC's October 2020 solicitations, arriving in July.

"Next month, they’ll solicit Batman #100," Tynion says. "And THEN I can start talking about Ghost-Maker.' Who is Ghost-Maker? We'll find out in July…"

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