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Two Point Hospital catches alien diseases with Close Encounters DLC next week

(Image credit: Sega)

Aliens are invading Two Point Hospital in an upcoming expansion - and they need medical assistance. The medical management simulator is known for its quirkiness (the launch trailer included a fake disease called light-headedness, and there was previously a Bigfoot-themed DLC) and this expansion is very on-theme for Two Point Hospital.

The DLC will include three new hospitals, 34 new (alien) illnesses, three new cure rooms and a handful of new features. Who knows what alien illnesses might entail, but with Two Point Hospital's track record, it'll likely be hilarious. The Close Encounters announcement also hints at a government cover-up that you can unearth - there's a bunch of special objectives you have to complete before you can make your way to a place known as Chasm 24, a top-secret underground facility, location unknown

The trailer features aliens that look like they're made of cardboard, ant aliens, astronauts, and hospitals that look like they belong on Star Trek. A UFO hovers over a waiting room and attempts to beam someone up. Two aliens conspire in a hallway. It's all very chaotic and silly, and looks like an absolute blast. Check it out below.

The expansion will be available on Steam on August 29 and will cost $8.99 - but you can get a 10% discount if you buy it before September 2. A Retro Items Pack will drop the same day as Close Encounters, offering 27 new in-game items for $3.99.

Two Point Hospital is currently only available on PC and Mac, but console gamers rejoice - it's dropping on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in late 2019. 

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