TV REVIEW Torchwood 2.06 "Reset"

Original UK air date: 13/2/08

Written by: JC Wilsher

Directed by: Ashley Way


The One Where: The newly qualified Dr Martha Jones pops over from UNIT to investigate a spate of unexplained deaths. After realising the deceased were all subjects in a clinical trial, the team discover a clinic testing drugs of dubious origin.

Verdict: Martha’s much-publicised return to the Whoniverse (who do you think recommended her to UNIT?) could have overshadowed this episode, but she slots into the team dynamic like an old hand. Aside from the overly arch references to last year’s Who finale, this is a clever episode that quickly morphs from police procedural to something altogether ickier – a dastardly scientist is impregnating the unsuspecting guinea pigs with alien insect larvae in an attempt to make a new superdrug. And of course, the shock death of one of the main cast makes for a brilliant denouement.

It’s Wossisname! The villainous Professor Copley is none other than Jim Robinson from Neighbours! Alan Dale has also appeared in 24, Ugly Betty and Star Trek: Nemesis.

Martha, My Dear: Miss Jones is back, giving Jack the chance to reminisce on the end of the world and allowing Murray Gold to recycle his Martha theme from Who.

WTF? Contact lenses with built-in LCD screens? Fair enough. Cameras? Pushing credibility. Opening combination locks? Too much!

Production: After the first five episodes having premiered on BBC2, this episode (and all the remaining episodes until - but not including - the season finale) had its first airing on BBC3.

Best Line:
Jack: "Do you think you might be able to get me one of those red caps, for personal use? I’m thinking Ianto might look good in it."

Richard Edwards

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