TV REVIEW! Bionic Woman 1.07 "Trust Issues"

Original US airdate: 14/11/07

Written by: Kerry Ehrin

Directed by: Alex Chapple


The One Where: Jaime and Antonio are assigned to protect African dictator President Rhudan from a sniper, and Jaime soon suspects Antonio (who had spent time in Rhudan’s country) is in league with the killer. Turns out the would-be assassin is Antonio’s old flame – he’s been trying to persuade her out of it. He ends up taking a bullet for Jaime, and dying.

Verdict: More spy show clichés. It took Jake 2.0 11 episodes to do “protecting an African dignitary from an assassin” (mind you, they did “the enemy who’s a former lover” in episode three). The twist’s annoyingly guessable, since we get a clear look at the sniper’s slight frame.

Antonio’s death is a surprise but doesn’t have much impact, since we didn’t get to know him very well. At least it sets a precedent – fingers crossed, Tom will get a bullet soon...

Highlight: Great teaser, in which Jaime leaps in front of a car and stops it with a kick. More please!

LMAO: The sniper has a pinboard covered with pictures of President Rhudan. That’d make sense if she was a hired gun, but since she’s politically motivated you’d think she might be able to remember what he looks like...

NITPICK Why is the assassin using an ultra-high-tech sniper rifle that can hit someone from miles away, when all her attempts are made from a few hundred metres? Just to make it all seem a bit more sexy and cutting-edge, right?

MMM, SEXY Michelle Ryan running in slow motion. It’s jiggle-icious.

Richard Edwards

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