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Turbine opens the floodgates on LOTR Online

The peoplewho make gameslike to control the flow of information on their projects.For that reason,you'dbe forgiven for thinking the world of betas operates like an underground society where members communicate in code while exchanging secret handshakes. Developer Turbine Studiosis shirking this tradition by offering extended pre-release access to its upcoming MMORPG,The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. Andextend that access theywill, opening up space for one million more people.

Above:Tour membersare advised to maintain a safe distance from bears

Turbine has dubbed this the "World Tour of Middle-Earth." The event is scheduled to begin April 6, running until the game is officially released on April 24. Don't expect to get too much of a headstart on the competition - there'll be a cap at level 15. As a free publicity event, though,you surecan't beat the price.

Complete details and instructions can be found on theWorld Tour's official site.

March 28, 2007