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Total War: Warhammer is all about "huge, thrilling battles"

Whether you think it should be called Total War: Warhammer or have portmanteau-ed the words together, The Creative Assembly teaming up with Games Workshop is an exciting pairing. And according to the PC Gamer's preview with world exclusive access to the game, it's going to be worth the wait.

“It’s a Total War game, y’know,” Al Bickham, Creative Assembly comms manager tells PC Gamer. “A grand campaign game with huge, thrilling battles, many thousands of troops on the battlefields, married to Warhammer. It brings to life a spectacle that nobody has attempted before in a Warhammer game.”

Watching alpha footage of the fantasy strategy hybrid it's apparently already clear that something of this scale would cost thousands of pounds in plastic figurines (and just think of all the painting). The scale of the game is huge with multiple unit types per infamous Warhammer faction.

“The amount of variety we per race is massive," says project lead Ian Roxburgh. "Within any race there’s more variety than within the totality of any previous Total War game."

Find out about factions, why flight has to feature for the first time in a Total War game and how Warhammer's vast lore is being implemented in PC Gamer's full preview here. You can also read it the brand new issue of PC Gamer out today. Download the issue on iOS, Google Play or Zinio or subscribe to future issues.

Louise Blain

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