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Too mean for Epic Mickey?

I was already pretty surprised with what Disney was letting Warren Spector get away with inEpic Mickey. Not only did give him free reign with their sacred stable of characters, they actually let Junction Point get away with redesigning the Mouse himself, a truly prestigious rarity in and of itself. So, I’m not entirely surprised the “Mean Mickey” form is being removed from the game, which I believe you can see below. Although, to hear Spector tell it toThe Mainichi Daily News, the omission actually wasn’t due to pressure from the Disney suits:

I didn’t see even see it during my play session, but to be honest I was more interested in how the surrounding Disney castaways would react to your mischievous deeds than any kind of"Fable Effect" on Mickey himself. I mean, it doesn’t look like the less than heroic “Scrapper” character style is going anywhere, and I almost want to side with the biker guy in saying I find the idea of an “evil” Mickey a little too unnerving to look forward to.

Above: If this is what we’re to believethe excised“evil” Mickey would’ve looked like, the only discernable difference is an arched brow line and darker underoos

Either way, it's a little ironic to cut something like this out of a game based entirely around cast aside cartoon characters is cutting something unlikeable? Oh well, here’s hoping the code is mistakenly left in and someone exposes it for the least controversial “Hot Coffee” incident EVER!

Jun 29, 2010