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This massive 75-inch gaming TV deal gets you $900-off today, ahead of Black Friday

This massive 75-inch gaming TV deal gets you $900-off today, ahead of Black Friday
(Image credit: Samsung/Sony)

If you're after a gaming TV deal on a big 4K screen then these two right here are worthy of your attention right now. As part of some pre-Black Friday price cutting, the tech giant Dell are selling two excellent, and massive, televisions with $500 off one and $900 off the other. These savings would be right at home in the Black Friday TV deals proper, let alone coming comfortably beforehand. 

First up they are selling the wall-filling 75-inch Samsung RU8000 4K TV for just $1,297.99. This is a saving of $900 and offers a really affordable way to get what we think is one of the best gaming TVs going at a really premium size. The RU8000 sports the sort the traditional Samsung good looks in its design, but it also has some gaming-ready specs such as a sub-10ms input lag when hooked to a 4K source like a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, and it's own solid Game Mode and an equally reliable Motion Enhancement Tech. You really do get a lot of great TV for your money here.

The other big deal, is the Sony Bravia X900F 65-inch television which is down to $1,198 and gives you a saving of a handsome $500. This is an equally excellent TV if you can't go for the 75-inch panel above. It has all the trademarks of a quality Sony TV; giving off some of the crispest images, and most vibrant colours that it's possible to get. It's a Bravia TV which means it is of a really premium quality. If you're going to go for a big TV and spend around a thousand dollars on it, then this is certainly one of the top few to get.

These are both incredibly attractive deals, but getting an extra 10-inches of television for the sake of another hundred bucks sure is tempting...

Big gaming TV deals

Samsung UN75RU8000 4K TV | 75-inches | $1,297.99 at Dell (save $900)
A great TV from a proven and quality manufacturer. This is probably the best 4K TV you can get that's outside of the QLED and OLED echelons.
View Deal

Sony Bravia X900F 4K TV | 65-inches | $1,198 at Dell (save $500)
Also one of the best TVs you can get that's not the very premium models. A Sony Bravia, at this price, at this size and before Black Friday is a truly epic deal.View Deal

These are some cracking early deals on quality TVs that we are pretty impressed by. There'll be even more of these as part of the Black Friday game deals which will start, well, pretty much now really. Anyway, televisions are, historically, a deal rich category when it comes to tech on offer over the sales period so if you fancy waiting, then go for it, but be ready to pounce.

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