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The Walking Dead TV Series Is Alive

US TV network AMC has given the green light to a pilot of Walking Dead, based on the phenomenally popular zombie comic Walking Dead, reports Variety .

The comic, created and written by Robert Kirkman, chronicles the adventures of a group of people trying to survive in a world stricken by a zombie apocalypse, and is renowned for its dark humour and uncompromising plotlines. It launched in 2004, and it has since become a favourite among the comic literati, and boasts a number of high profile fans.

There are a couple of heavyweight names behind the scenes of the TV adaptation. The pilot is being written and directed by The Shawshank Redemption’s Frank Darabont, with Gale Anne (Aliens/The Terminator) Hurd producing. And as AMC is a cable channel, the show shouldn't be too restricted in terms of the gore it can show.