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The Week In Sci-Fi

The crew of the Destiny return in Stargate Universe , The Walking Dead takes over terrestrial TV and there's a chance to meet the twisted minds behind Saw ...


Horror fans – meet the twisted (and possibly evil) minds behind Saw , director James Wan and screenwriter Leigh Whannell, at Forbidden Planet’s Birmingham store from 5:30pm.

Catch up with the crew of the Destiny as season two of SG: U returns to Sky One at 8pm tonight.

Mila Jovovich kicks ass and takes names in Resident Evil: Extinction on Channel Five at 9pm.

The Event continues on Channel 4 at 11:05pm.


It's nearing the end of its run but it's not too late to find out if No Ordinary Family really is as dull as you've heard. Join the debate over on Sky Living at 8pm.

It may have been spoofed to death (geddit?) but that doesn't stop The Seventh Seal being anything other than a stone cold classic. Catch it on Film4 tonight at 10:50pm.


Uma Thurman is the ex-girlfriend of nightmares in My Super Ex-Girlfriend on E4 at 9pm.

There's more Fringe than you can shake an alternate universe at over on Sky One from 10pm.


Our Jordan loves him, and so do you - get your weekly Chuck fix on Sky Living from 8.

Earthlings stand their ground against some angry alien invaders as V continues on Syfy from 9pm.

Val Kilmer dons a dodgy codpiece and pouts like only he can in Batman Forever , ITV2 at 10:45pm.


Missed the chaps from Saw in Birmingham on Monday? Then you’re in luck, you can catch up with James Wan and Leigh Whannell at Forbidden Planet’s London Megastore today from 5:30.

Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson (quite the combo) put the fear of God into the vampire population in Blade tonight on 5USA at 9pm.

If you missed the sensational The Walking Dead last Sunday, catch episode one again tonight on Channel 5 at 10:55pm.


If you've somehow missed it over the last couple of weekends, today is the day to round off Marty McFly's time travelling journey in Back To The Future Part III , 12:30pm on ITV2.

Tom Hanks makes a wish he regrets (but does play an extremely cool massive piano solo) in Big , on Film4 at 1pm.

Global warming speeds up to a frankly ludicrous pace in The Day After Tomorrow on Channel 4 at 8pm.

Head-spinning frights in The Exorcist at 10:35pm on ITV4. Still scary after all these years...


Spend your Sunday afternoon with those damn dirty apes in the rather wonderful Planet Of The Apes , Film4 at 1pm.

Johnny 5 is alive in Short Circuit , Channel 5 at 3:55pm.

Not the best but certainly not the worst of Spidey's big screen outings, the first Spider-Man film can be found on Channel 5 at 7:40pm.

Arnie wields his enormous sword while covered in oil in Conan The Destroyer , ITV4 at 9pm. Better than The Governator...

Still not seen The Walking Dead ? Then now is the time to involve yourself - trust us, you won't forget it... Channel 5 at 10pm.