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The Week In Sci Fi

Relieve those pre-Christmas pressie buying blues with seven days of sci-fi heaven, featuring Dirk Gently , Misfits and much more

Monday 13 December

V makes your Monday that bit more manageable, putting in an appearance on Channel One at 10.

Tuesday 14 December

Issue four of SFX ’s superhero obsessed sibling Comic Heroes hits the shelves, featuring the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , a guide to the essential Thor and a bundle of free gifts including Jack Kirby postcards, our inimitable Sidekick comic sampler and issue one of Stan Lee’s The Traveler . Nice!

Over in telly land, there’s a veritable sci-fi feast with Sanctuary on Watch at 9, The Vampire Diaries on ITV2 at 9 and Fringe on Sky 2 at 12.

Wednesday 15 December

SFX on sale today , spreading a bit of early Christmas cheer with features on Primeval. Doctor Who’s Dickensian Christmas special, and a whole lot more. Get thee to a newsagents!

Cardiff comes under attack as Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds arrives at the CIA.

Thursday 16 December

It’s an evening of fond farewells and new beginnings on the TV tonight, with Steven Mangun making his debut as Douglas Adams’s holistic detective Dirk Gently on BBC Four at 9 and Misfits second series coming to a close (at least until the Christmas special) on E4 at 10. Elsewhere Eureka returns for a Christmas special on SyFy at 9, and is followed by Haven at 10.

Meanwhile, the seaside becomes a battlefield as Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds hits Brighton.

Friday 17 December

After a mere 28 years, Tron: Legacy strolls into the cinemas as if it’s fine to keep us waiting so long for a second dose of futuristic neon shenanigans.

Saturday 18 December

The third season of The Clone Wars finishes 2910 with a flourish on Sky Movies Premiere at 7.30.

Over in west London, it’s time for War Of The Worlds to destroy Wembley, which will no doubt tick off a few sports fans.

Sunday 19 December

Christmas is so close now you can almost taste the turkey, so why not celebrate with the Misfits festive special on E4 at 10 and have yourself an ASBO holiday.