The Munchables review

Om nom nom nom


  • Chomping is undeniably fun
  • Quite funny to behold
  • Can poo out a Legendary Orb


  • Shamelessly copies Katamari
  • Gets a bit repetitive
  • Not much to it

It looks like a seizure and rhymes with a lunchtime snack, but look past that and The Munchables is%26hellip; well, it%26rsquo;s still completely crazy underneath. When pirate aliens invade the planet of Star Ving %26ndash; and let%26rsquo;s take a moment to absorb that truly awful pun %26ndash; a couple of big toothy balls have to bounce around chomping everything under the sun.

This never starts to make sense, but it doesn%26rsquo;t take too long to work out what you%26rsquo;re supposed to be doing. It%26rsquo;s a riff on Katamari, only instead of rolling a big heap of junk around you%26rsquo;re munching aliens %26rsquo;til your chosen ball grows as big as a house. This allows you to chow on monsters of a higher level before eventually moving on to the next world, where the whole edifying process begins all over again.

The actual chomping%26rsquo;s simple but undeniably fun, bolstered by a few special abilities, including one that lets you hoover up enemies. From the horribly catchy, horribly chirpy soundtrack to the head-hurting visuals, the Katamari influence is so clear this has almost no character of its own, but it can be really quite funny to behold.

Although it gets a bit repetitive, and there isn%26rsquo;t much to it, there%26rsquo;s something fascinating about a game that lets you eat and eat until you poo out a %26lsquo;Legendary Orb%26rsquo;.

Jun 22, 2009

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DescriptionAlthough it gets a bit repetitive, and there isn’t much to it, there’s something fascinating about a game that lets you eat and eat until you poo out a ‘Legendary Orb’.
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor ratingRating Pending
Release date26 May 2009 (US), (UK)