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The greatest multiplayer maps of all time

Specifically, Chapter 5: The Bridge, which makes Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran mode seem like Mario Party! Nothing brings a group of friends together like dying together. This happens a lot in the finale of Left 4 Dead 2’s last campaign, The Parish. Whether you’re playing as the survivors in a campaign or versus match, this is the map that will test your teamwork skills to their fullest.

Above: Jockeys are especially deadly on this map

Sticking together will help your group push their way through a zombie infested bridge in order to reach a rescue helicopter. But as always, the horde is relentless. You’ll worm your way through the cluttered chaos of flaming wreckage, but it’s still ridiculously tough to keep moving with zombies charging at you from all sides. Enter the special infected…

Above: The horde never stops

There are tons of sneaky places for Smokers and Hunters to hide, and with so many large trucks gumming up your escape routes, there could be a Boomer ready to spawn around every corner. With so much constant harassment, it’s easy for Spitters to sit back and cover the survivors in goo every time they pause to catch their breath. And then, Jockeys and Chargers can kill you in one hit if they manage to knock you off the side of the bridge… Don’t even get us started on the Tank. Count on running into at least one during your short lived journey, and expect him to hurl lots of abandoned cars at your face.

Above: You have guns that shoot bullets. The Tank has arms that throw cars

But it’s this ridiculous difficulty that keeps us coming back. The Bridge shows us Left 4 Dead’s director at his most devious, revealing him to be the most cruel and spiteful AI system of all time. Thankfully, once you finally blast your way through all the final waves of infected and wipe the Boomer barf from your eyes, the rescue chopper awaiting your hard earned arrival will seem so sweet it may as well be made of chocolate.