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TalkRadar UK #28: Disaster Report

Chiefs of speak...

What to expect

- Matt describing a 'dirty protest' if he'd perform if hewas sacked by Activision
- How we survived the Big PS3 Disaster
- Your answers to Question of the Week
- Nathan's Public Service Announcement about the cheating shits in MW2
-The first messages extracted from the GamesRadar Hotline (see more below)

Above:The new tiny studio set-upand three handsome fools

Stop Press: GamesRadar Hotline is GO!

After months of usthreatening to provide you with another way to contact GamesRadar UK, it's finally happened. The GamesRadar Hotline is alive! The number you need is...

Call us with things like agony aunt requests, confessions from your gaming or simply to ask Dave M out on a date - anything you like. Oh, and for you cynical swines, we will not be using this for telemarketing campaigns. It's just for fun.


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Info bit

Post date: Wednesday 3rd March 2010
Running time: 1 hour 1 minute 46 seconds
Music by:Sabrepulse