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You'll never play these again after April 15… at least not online

Somebody told you wrong

Why do humans want sex with cats? Warning: Extreme Engrish!

Well, the folk who know what Starcraft is, anyway

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, ALL original Xbox games went offline this week and we’re pretty broken up about it. Okay, it’s not like many of us were still playing them, but console gamers are used to even their oldest game remaining 100% playable forever....So: What game wouldbreak your heart if the multiplayer were removed at anytimein the future?

In the office

Above: Rats off to Lizzie Cuevas this week for organizing theHalo 2 funeraland pulling the whole thing off splendidly!

Above: A green, group pic from our lastever Halo 2 match

Above:Readerswent crazy over Chris',admittedly, slightlydisrespectfulSplinter Cell: Convictionreview

Above: And from the LUCKY BASTARD! File: Brett is off playing Capcom games in Hawaii

In the community

Above: Thanks to The Monarch, we are the stars of Kick Ass

Above: chrisandcheesepizza brings to life an Operation Wolfmisunderstanding

Above: hatebreeder drew an amazing pic of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2. Thentossed our name in for good measure. (NOTE: We approve of this!)

Above: graboids puts a veryrealistic spin on Chris' Tony Stark fantasies

Above: flabslapper put together an unflatteringtribute toTalkRadar's favorite... just watch the video

Post date: April 16,2010
T-Dar97 length: 2:10:08
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