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Supernatural's Web Spin-Off

Supernatural is to spawn a spin-off, that will be made specifically for the internet, reports Variety .

Warner Bros is producing three 10-minute episodes of Ghostfacers, which will premiere on, the interactive/video-on-demand website that emerged from the ashes of the WB television network (which is where Supernatural began airing before moving onto the newly-created CW netowrk).

Ghostfacers is based on a fictional documentary show produced by a team of amateur ghost hunters who have appeared in a couple of episodes of Supernatural. They have already spawned a cult following.

"It felt like the nature and style of what they do with their show-within-a-show would be fun to see in new media," said Peter Johnson of Wonderland TV, which will be producing the show . "It's a fun, subversive way to allow these characters to play in the margins."