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Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries renewed

American channel the CW Network has commissioned new seasons of The Vampire Diaries and the long-running Supernatural for the 2012-13 period.

The Vampire Diaries will enter its fourth season, despite ratings for the show dropping since the first season. The premiere for season three was watched by 3.10 million in the US, down on season two and well down on the first, but the show retains a huge online fanbase and still has a very sexy cast .

Meanwhile Supernatural lives on to begin an eighth season, which should please Winchester fans everywhere. An eighth season was widely tipped after it was announced Jeremy Carver would be taking over from current show-runner Sera Gamble last month.

According to The Daily Blam , the CW has also commissioned new superhero show Arrow , though until it's officially confirmed by the CW, this is still one to file under "rumour". The show sees Stephen Amell ( The Vampire Diaries ) take on the role of rogue billionaire Oliver Queen and his hero alter ego, Green Arrow. But has nothing to do with the Green Arrow of Smallville fame. Confused?

SFX also notes that there’s been no renewal announcement for The Secret Circle as yet. Which is a real shame. Real shame.

Neil Ramsden