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Study: Seniors becoming more interested in Facebook games

Baby boomers haven't exactly been the target demographic for video games over the years, but with 10 million senior citizens now on Facebook, a strong presence of retirees is starting to descend upon the world of social gaming.

A recent study published byAllAssistedLivingHomes.comreported one in five baby boomers is registered on Facebook and spends an average of an hour per day on the social networking site. Numerous assisted living facilities offer classes on how to use Facebook.

The study found that Facebook's bread and butter - being able to communicate with friends and family and keep up-to-date with everyone's lives - resonates with seniors even if it means having to figure out all the newfandled technology.

It's not just communication, though. The site says baby boomers are also interested in Facebook's many contests and promotions, as well as social gaming, though right now that's a secondary point and not something that all retirement centers even mention in their Facebook courses.

The more time senior citizens spend on Facebook and start becoming accustomed to the site's interface, though, the more likely they are to explore the breadth of content available. It's different than trying to convince them to buy a PS3 or figure out how to download a computer game. It's already all embedded in the Facebook interface, which people of all ages are becoming increasingly familiar and comfortable with.

The Wii has been given a lot of credit for making video games more accessible to older generations. With Facebook adding games to the list, you better watch out or you'll be pwned by your grandpa before you know what hit you.

[Source:Deseret News]

Mar 8, 2011

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