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Street Fighter x Tekken: Every screen and video in one place

We were excited about the idea of this before. We're a lot more excited about the reality of it now. Soread on for every video and pic you need to see, as well as a bit of insight. From us. Because we love you.

The announcement trailer

For all the apocalyptic badassery on show, it's good to see the Street Fighter IV sense of humour is still there. The tongue-lolling, google-faced Dan will always be the franchise whipping boy.

The gameplay

Admit it. You punched the air and let out a little yelp at 1:46, didn't you? We did. It's not yet clear exactly how the tag system will work. It could be that it's a sort of Ultra-Ultra system whereby both character's moves are tagged together automatically (without any HUD bars on screen it's hard to tell exactly how it'll be charged up), or it could be that the assist character merely provides a set-up for the main character to get in a free hit (in which case you should be thinking about an Ultra anyway). We'd prefer the latter, but it remains to be seen just how SFxT's power bar hierachy will be stacked up.

But it's great to see even at this early stage how well Capcom seems to have blended Street Fighter and Tekken's different gameplay styles without really losing the essense of either. This is clearly a Street Fighter IV-derived game, but the big combos and juggles definitely seem to feel at home. The big question though, is how Tekken characters will deal with Street Fighter's projectiles. Will they get any of their own to balance things out? Or will they get to side-step around them?

There definitely seems to be a heavy Tekken influence in the background scenery as well, with huge robots laying waste to an apocalyptic battleground. How the combined storyline will play out will be very interesting to see.

The screens

So, there you have it. Everything there currently is to see. Are you convinced this cross-over is going to work now? Or are you a staunch fan of either series still not sure it'll gel? And if you're down with Street Fighter x Tekken, which characters from each series do you want (bearing in mind we're not limited to any particular entry here), and what would be your dream match-ups? Let us know in the comments, or lay the opinionating beat down on our social portals onFacebookandTwitter.

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