Stranglehold tightens its grip

If there was a way to deliver the latest trailer for next-gen and PC shooter Stranglehold to you by somersaulting over a table in slow motion through a flock of doves, we would, but thankfully you need only click the Movies tab above.

Showing off new areas - including a natural history museum (with scaleable dinosaur skeleton!), a Chinese food market stocked with fruit just waiting to erupt in gunfire and a rapidly disintegrating casino floor - it's not hard to see how this game carries John Woo's seal of approval.

While two-fisted gun battles, slow-mo acrobatics and destructible environments have made their way into just about every shooter these days, Stranglehold still looks able to top them all. While sliding along a railing on its back shooting all the way, of course.

Look forward to taking revenge on the Triads, and interior decoration, on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 next year.

August 28, 2006