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StarCraft cheating scandal shocks South Korea

South Korea loves a bit of StarCraft. No, like really loves a bit of StarCraft. Hell, folks there adore it so much they even have online tournaments televised. It's practically their national sport... probably. So in semi shocking news, the competitive StarCraft circuit has been turned upside down thanks to a scandal involving claims of certain online teams cheating, throwing matches and even leaking information to illegal betting syndicates. For shame.

Above: Oi, kid. We've got our eye on you. No funny business, you hear?

The country's leading professional playerMa Jae-Yoon(awesomely dubbed the Maestro) has also been implicated in the whole seedy business. The allegedaccusation being his sudden loss of form over recent seasons has been deliberate. Juicy stuff, then. Admittedly, not quite as covered in controversy sauce asEA suing South Park over their Tiger Woods game, but it got us thinking all the same.What other similiar online scandals have rocked games? We're currently drawing a blank, so why not aid our flagging memories in the comments below.

Apr 13, 2010