SmashRadar: 18 kickass theme smashes

Okay, so maybe your friends are all Brawled out after a solid month of smashing. There are tons of ways you can play the game to make it last - Break the Targets, Event mode, etc. - but for a multiplayer fix that will keep you and your stubborn friends who insist Brawl is no better than Melee happy, you’ve got to think outside the box.

Read on for GamesRadar’s Theme Smashes - new ways to play that will shake up your Brawl game and get more bang for your Smash Bros. buck.

Ground Rules: Unless otherwise specified, go into Rules and set the damage ratio to 2.0, turn off all items, switch on the handicap option and before entering matches, give all characters a handicap of 300%.
Anyone who breaks a special rule gets a penalty and has to…
1)Take a drink
2)Kiss the nearest fire hydrant
3)Get a Charlie horse (dead leg)
4)Kiss your sister
5)Say “I’m sorry” and just keep playing

Speed Freaks
Special Conditions: In Special Brawl, turn on Bunny Hoods and adjust the speed to max. Turn on banana peels in the items menu.
Characters: Sonic, Sheik, Falco, Fox
Stage(s): Any

We dare you to try and keep track of who kills who and who’s simply flying offscreen from an unknown cause. For added chaos, choose a stage with hazards such as WarioWare or Flat Zone 2 and lower the match time to 60 seconds.