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The E3 2018 demo of Skull and Bones is all about fortune tellers, pirate allies and salty slaughter

We got a good look at online pirate adventure Skull and Bones at the Ubisoft E3 2018 press conference, with Ubisoft Singapore creative director Justin Farren hyping the audience for a life of mercenary swashbuckling on the Indian Ocean. "A shared world where every player encounter matters. Will you fight, or will you ally?"

Farren also gave a little more detail about the world, saying it would change constantly with combat, dynamic weather and world events. There's a fortune teller that can help though, giving insight into factions, weather, and trade routes. 

As well as that moody cinematic trailer, we also got a detailed look at game play in this Hunting Grounds video, which shows how you'll tool up for a naval battle, then go sailing on the high seas. 

The section in the hideout is great for those of us who really like to customize our weapons of war. You can choose a boat from the shipyard, choose a crew to man it and pick out your gear, like artillery and broadsides and even your ship's figurehead.

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Rachel Weber

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