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Shadow of War is coming to Project Scorpio, and you get it free if you buy it on Xbox One

The Middle-earth: Shadow of War reveal got you hungry for a prrrrecioussss new game to add to your collection? Here's some more good news for Xbox owners: buying a digital copy from the Xbox Store or Windows Store means you'll also get a copy for Project Scorpio when the console launches this holiday at no additional charge.

According to my calculations, this also makes Shadow of War Project Scorpio's first confirmed game - though Xbox's Aaron Greenberg stated last June that theoretically, all Xbox One games are Scorpio games.

Still, it's good to know that those who do take advantage of the mid-generation upgrade that is Scorpio won't be left without anything to play. And, as a Play Anywhere game, you'll even be able to transfer your progress to the new system so you don't have to start over. Nice.

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